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so i was going through some old photos and i found this 

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Infinite selca from Melon 

handling appointments and important files aren’t something difficult for gil yohan, but babysitting a high schooler is a different task. especially that boy is the only son of ceonim whom he dedicated his life all this time.
(hwang sungyeol is drop-dead gorgeous—but damn, he’s unreachable)

sooyeol on hi school love on / cunning single lady crossover

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Woohyun’s driver’s license is the driving force to infinite’s success

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MyungYeol Invasion #371

this is what happened when sooyeol sits next to each other [x]

cr: HelloFlora

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バンパイア; ソンギュ

뱀파이어 ; 성규


MyungYeol Invasion #381

practically attached to the hip [x]

cr: spring summer

MyungYeol smacking the same dude

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myungyeol · requested by anonymous

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the return of sungyeol’s owl face + a dying myungsoo

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myungsoo and sungyeol’s new year wishes for each other (x)

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who’s infinite f’s leader?

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flustered sungyeol when myungsoo told him to improve his singing

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